Our Events + Craft Shows in Winnipeg

About Our Year Round Events

At Treasured Gifts 'n Things, we  believe in equality with every Small Business, offering our  patrons/customers the very best in selection in craft shows in Winnipeg. 

Yes there will be limited offerings for the Everyday Favorites Category with more Handcrafted Decor and Gifts. 

Our Goal for each of our Craft Shows in Winnipeg, is for our Customers + Vendors to have FUN and  enjoy what they experience with a desire to come back again and again.  

What we Offer: 

Treasured Gifts 'n Things offers an assortment of:

-  Everyday Favorites; including Tupperware, Scentsy, Pampered Chef and more!

 -  Unique Artisans with their own flare on many Art Forms

 -  Hand Crafted Personal + Unique Gifts 

-  Local Handmade Soaps, Bath Supplies, Body Lotions + Creams for both Women + Men

-  Crafty Creations in Crochet & Crochet Art, Nifty Knitting for Baby, Kids + Adults 

-  Specialty Hand Embroidered Sewing

-  Precious Gemstones & Healing Rocks & Minerals

 -  Bead, Wire Woven, Lead Free Hand Crafted Jewelry

 -  Steam Punk + Victorian Jewelry

-  House & Home Decor, including Pottery, Stain Glass Works and specialty Wall Hangings

-  Country Chic + Barn Board Decor

 -  Garden, Cottage, Hand-carved Wood Decor including Signs, Bird Houses + Chimes 

-  Fairies, Gnomes + Unique Garden Items

 -  Authentic Home Style Bread, Buns, Cinnamon Buns and Baking 

-  Delectably Delicious Homemade Candy, Fudge, + Sweet Treats 

-  Melt-In-Your-Mouth Specialty Cookies and Cakes 

-  Spiritual Wellness Services

 -  Sport Collector Specialty Items, including Clothing and Trading Cards 

+  More Selected Unique Items!   

Themes + Specialty Events / Sales / Shows:

  • Cupids And Cameos - Every February
  • Moms And Mimosas - Every May
  • Spooks And Sparkles - Every October
  • Rockin' Around The Xmas Tree - Every November
  • Jingle And Jewels - Every December

FREE Welcome Swag Bags are presented to the first 50 Customers at each event. 

Each of our Events offers an easy shopping experience for everyone!  Offering a variety of gifts for any occasion, home + garden decor and more! 

All our Events are Family Friendly.

Come and visit any of our Events + Crafts Shows, admission is always FREE! - Treasured Gifts 'n Things in Winnipeg.

Crimson + Twig

About Our Handmade Market

Crimson + Twig
100 % Handmade Market
* Soul Inspired *  * Made By Hand *  *Original Works*

Presented by: Treasured Gifts 'n Things

On behalf of Crimson + Twig, Treasured Gifts 'n Things accepts applications unbiased and with an open mind. 

  • With each application, you the Vendor must include pictures and links to your social media accounts.
  • Applications will be hand picked by non judgemental + outside parties and applicants will be notified upon acceptance.
  • Payment to be sent for confirmation as outlined on your application after deadline and acceptance into the market. 
  • Categories  are limited. We believe in diversity which in turn equals balance and  creativity which gives Vendors a fair opportunity without a lot of  competition.

Your product must be an idea original to yourself and made by yourself.

  • Are your Products modern, new and fresh?
    Go the extra mile with the details and quality that make you as a Vendor stand out from the rest. 

Social Media

  • Does your social media accounts + website + online store/s stand out from the rest? You should always be a step above others. By using photos, flat lays & have social interaction with your shoppers this makes you as a Vendor stand out.


  • Are you a "go getter"? How's your promotional skills? Do you interact with your shoppers? Not  only are these important to us but should be to you also. In order for  the public to get to know you, be active in social media, reach out to  your customers, be you, be unique! 

Categories Accepted but not limited to:

  • 100 % Hand Crafted Jewelry (made by you)
  • Handmade  Bath & Body Items for both Women and Men:  Essential Oils /  Botanical's / Soaps, Bath Supplies & Body Creams, Lotions, Bubble  Bars & Bombs, Shampoo + Men's Products, including Beard Products etc.
  • Beautiful + Unique Handmade Crafty Creations in Crochet / Knitting / Sewing
  • Handmade Adult, Kids, Baby - Clothing, Sleep, Foot + Outer Ware
  • House + Home: Stain Glass / Pottery / Art + Painting / Macrame Wool Wall Hangings
  • Leather Works: Purses / Belts / Wallets / Jewelry + Accessories
  • Cottage / Cabin / Outdoor Decor / Wood & Barn Board
  • Vintage / Shabby Chic / Upcycled / Cool Country / Reclaimed / Rustic / Hipster
  • Special + Unique Theme Decor / Special Occasion + Seasonal Decor
  • Specialty Foods / Baking / Cookies / Cakes / Candy / Fudge / Chocolate / Honey / Preserves

Tips on Completion of your Application:

  • Download and fill in accurately, your application is your first impression on us.
  • You must Include your Name, Business Name in full.
  • You must include up to minimum of 6 Pictures of your craft or product if you do not have social media.
  • You must Include a link to either a Facebook Page, Your Website or Online Store. Social Media Accounts are a perfect plus!
  • Email Us with your completed application, pictures and social media accounts. 
  • You will be notified via email when application is received. 
  • Upon Acceptance, payment is required for confirmation on table space.

Craft Shows + Our Events in Winnipeg

Are you Looking for Events in Winnipeg, MB to showcase + sell your creative talents or have a small business?

We'd love to have you join us!

Craft Sales 2018 - SOLD OUT

2019 Applications Coming Soon

Crimson + Twig Handmade Market, Winnipeg, MB

Are you a One of A Kind Maker looking to show off your talented creations? 

We'd love to have you join us in our 100% Handmade in Manitoba Market!

Crimson + Twig Handmade Christmas Market - SOLD OUT

2019 Applications Coming Soon

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