Setting the Stage for Lasting Memories in Events + Craft Shows in Winnipeg

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Setting the Stage for Lasting Memories in Events + Craft Shows in Winnipeg 

Providing A Unique Craft Show + Shopping  experience with Local Small Business' in Winnipeg, MB. One Stop Shopping  in All Occasion Gifts!

- Unique Crafts / Specialty Gifts

 - Home / Cottage / Garden 

- Bath & Body 

- Gems & Jewels 

- Wellness Services

Event Planning Packages Available for Any Occasion including Weddings, Birthday's, Anniversary's
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We offer our Clients and Customers over 20 years of combined experience  in Event Planning, Organization and Production. We aim to achieve events  that are unique in their own way throughout the city of Winnipeg, MB, offering an assorted Venue for a "one stop shop"  all occasion Shopping Experience.


To achieve organized and professional events that are geared towards  people of all ages around the city of Winnipeg, MB. Treasured Gifts 'n Things is dedicated to our Customers in making  them feel welcome and at ease in offering an assorted Venue of Small  Manitoba Business'.
We offer a ratio of 85 - 15 of assorted Vendors.

Unique + Local Winnipeg Handmade being the greater percent.

Popular and favourite business' that everyone loves, such as Tupperware +  Norwex etc.
Treasured Gifts 'n Things offers up to nine different Events per year  with each being geared towards a special occasion throughout.

Each event presents special "Welcome Touch" from Treasured  Gifts 'n Things.

Treasured Gifts 'n Things Events + Craft Shows in Winnipeg

Treasured Gifts 'n Things Events + Craft Shows in Winnipeg

About Us


About Lillian:

Bringing over 20 years of experience to Treasured Gifts 'n Things as a Retired Wedding Event Planner branching out in Event Organizing + Planning with Treasured Gifts 'n Things Craft Shows in Winnipeg. Lillian has done numerous events in “mapping”, organizing, food/catering, bookkeeping, banking, working with charity’s and is also a current member of Toastmasters.


About Sheri:

With over 20 years as a Business Owner and 10 plus years experience working in Events and other Craft Shows in Winnipeg as a Vendor herself, Sheri brings a valued mix of experience to Treasured Gifts 'n Things.  She also currently owns  "My Little PeaChews" a local Business specializing in Specialty Foods + Gifts.

Treasured Gifts 'n Things Events + Craft Shows in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our Goal:

To Provide diversified Craft Shows in Winnipeg that give our customers a choice in All Occasion Gifts and Personal Favourites in shopping all year round.

Our Events Are Proudly Presented by: Treasured Gifts 'n Things in Winnipeg.

Giving Back To The Community

Our Charity

Treasured Gifts 'n Things in Winnipeg is dedicated to giving back to the community. 

Our larger Craft Shows in Winnipeg, feature a  Raffle in which all monies raised goes  directly to our Charity of choice.
We believe in giving back to the  Children (and their Families) of our community that have special needs  and illness' and is something that is near and dear to our hearts.
All proceeds that Treasured Gifts 'n Things raise through our Events, goes directly back to those in need. that is our Mission.


"The  Children's Rehabilitation Foundation, Manitoba"

"Ronald McDonald House, Manitoba"

* Volunteers in attendance at each show,

* Raffle Tickets available for purchase at each Craft Show in Winnipeg throughout  the year

* All proceeds raised from each raffle goes directly to the charity

2016-2017 + 2019 - The Children's Rehabilitation Foundation, MB

Treasured Gifts 'n  Things presented one (1) "special needs  bicycle" at our Jingle And Jewels 2017 Event to a very special little  one. 
Did you know that one special needs bicycle has a price tag of  $3,000-$6,000 depending on what is needed to "fit" the child receiving  this special gift. 
Treasured Gifts 'n Things was so proud to be apart  of helping to raise funds along side of The Children's Rehabilitation  Foundation - 2016/17 year/s!

2017-2018 - Ronald McDonald House, MB

Treasured Gifts 'n Things has raised so for to date roughly $1500 for the kids!

You can give back too!

Make a difference in a little one's life while having fun shopping at any of our Craft Shows in Winnipeg.

Attend one of our Craft Shows in Winnipeg and purchase your raffle tickets!


Events + Craft Shows in Winnipeg


Craft Shows in Winnipeg:

Cupids And Cameos - Each February

Go For The Love!

Buy something special for your Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day!

Events held at:

Canad Inns Club Regent Hotel, Winnipeg, MB 

How to Become a Vendor


Craft Shows in Winnipeg:

Moms And Mimosas - Each May

Go for the Mimosas!

Treat Mom with a Special Day of Shopping!

Happy Mothers Day!

Events held at: Canad Inns Club Regent Hotel, Winnipeg, MB


100% Local Manitoba Made Markets

Crimson + Twig Handmade Only Spring and Christmas Markets 

Events are Located at The Masonic Memorial Centre located in Osborne Village, Winnipeg, MB

This is one of top Favoured Craft Shows in Winnipeg!

Our Winter Craft Shows in Winnipeg


Craft Shows in Winnipeg:

Purple Snowflakes Holiday Keepsakes 

- Each October

Go For The Pre Holiday Shopping and  Goodies! Let's Get Into The Spirit of the Holiday's!

Events Held At:

Canad Inns Club Regent Hotel, Winnipeg, MB

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Craft Shows in Winnipeg:

Into The Mystic Metaphysical Expo

*Mystical* *Spiritual* *Healing* Come for the Specialty Shopping while you wait for your appointment with a Local Talented Reader! 


Psychic / Tarot / Angel / Flame / Palm / Crystal / Reiki / and MORE! 

Located at The Masonic Memorial Centre located in Osborne Village, Winnipeg, MB

One of Our More Popular Events!


Craft Shows in Winnipeg:

Rockin' Around The Xmas Tree 

- Each November

Treasured Gifts 'n Things largest Christmas Shopping extravaganza for the year!

Merry Christmas!

Jingle And Jewels 

- Every December

Get your last minute Christmas Stocking-Stuffer Shopping Extravaganza on!

Ho Ho Ho!

Both of these Fabulous Events are held at:
Canad Inns Club Regent Hotel - Winnipeg, MB

Contact Us at Treasured Gifts 'n Things in Winnipeg

Drop us a line with your questions! If you are inquiring in regards to a show or Market: Include your Name, Business, What you Sell and your Website or Social Media Accounts! The more information we receive the better it is to assist you! Wanting information on becoming a Vendor at our Shows or Markets: Applications are available on our "Vendor Information Page". Click the link in menu bar above.

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love all our customers who visit Treasured Gifts 'n Things Craft Shows in Winnipeg,

Please feel free to visit us during one of our Events!

Treasured Gifts 'n Things

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Call or Text: (204) 218-1147 or (204) 981-8402

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